Public Health Measures

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Tribunal has implemented several measures to help prevent the transmission of infection and to promote the safety of all persons attending the Tribunal’s premises. Visits by interested parties to the Tribunal premises are welcome, subject to these measures, and may be arranged by contacting the Registrar directly – by telephone and/or e-mail.

All persons attending at the Tribunal’s premises are required to read, in advance, and to complete a questionnaire in relation to Covid-19.

The Questionnaire is available here.

If a positive answer is given to any of the questions asked, then the person in question must not attend the Tribunal’s premises.

A copy of each completed Questionnaire will be retained by the Tribunal for a period of 2 weeks to assist with contact tracing in the event that this becomes necessary.

Protocol on Compliance with Requirements
A Protocol on Compliance with Public Health Guidelines is in place which aims to promote a safe environment in which claims may be processed, promptly, and safely, during the Covid-19 pandemic.   Every person attending at the Tribunal’s premises is required to observe this Protocol.

The Protocol on Compliance with Public Health Guidelines is available here.

Practice Direction
Where it is possible to do so, safely, and in accordance with public health requirements, the Tribunal will conduct in-person applications and hearings inter partes on the Tribunal’s premises.   However, the Tribunal will also have in place arrangements to facilitate the conducting of hearings, remotely, and in a manner that is consistent with the interests of justice. In this regard, Practice Direction No. 1 on the Use of Technology and Remote Hearings has been issued.

A copy of Practice Direction No. 1 is available here.