Restoration of Trust

The CervicalCheck Tribunal Act 2019 provides that Restoration of Trust Meetings will be arranged for the purposes of:

  • documenting experiences
  • facilitating discussion and
  • providing information to the appropriate persons in respect of their experience of CervicalCheck.

Both the Restoration of Trust process and its Facilitator are independent of the Tribunal.

The Facilitator of the Restoration of Trust process is appointed by the Minister for Health.  The responsibilities of the Facilitator include:

  • setting out the process for making a request for a Restoration of Trust meting,
  • establishing and maintaining a panel of suitable persons to be Moderators, and
  • upon receipt of a request for a meeting, appointing a Moderator from the panel to organise and chair the meeting.

Eligibility to make a request for a Meeting is on the same basis as eligibility for making a claim for compensation to the Tribunal.

The Act provides that requests for Restoration of Trust Meetings should be made to the Facilitator of the Meetings and should specify the persons sought to participate in the Meeting.

The Facilitator has been nominated by the Minister and establishing a panel of Moderators is in process.

Further information on how the processes and procedures for the Restoration of Trust Meetings, including how to make a request for a meeting, is available on the website for Restoration of Trust Meetings  –