At the moment it is proposed that the Tribunal’s sittings will mirror those of the Superior Courts.  The Tribunal will take all necessary steps to ensure that it is available during all vacations to deal with urgent matters if and as they arise.

This arrangement will be subject to review and may be revised if considered appropriate.

Dates for sittings in 2021:
Hilary sittings: 11th January – 26th March 2021
Easter sittings: 12th April – 20th May 2021
Trinity sittings: 2nd June – 31st July 2021
Michaelmas sittings: 4th October – 21st December 2021

Dates for sittings in 2022:
Hilary sittings: 11th January – 8th April 2022
Easter sittings: 25th April – 2nd June 2022
Trinity sittings: 15th June – 29th July 2022
Michaelmas sittings: 3rd October – 21st December 2022