Updates on Establishment

6th July 2020 – Update on Establishment

When the Government agreed to set up the CervicalCheck Tribunal in December 2018, it also approved the appointment of Ms. Justice Mary Irvine, who was then a Judge of the Court of Appeal, as Chairperson of the Tribunal. Following nomination by the Government, on the 18th June 2020, Ms. Justice Irvine was appointed as President of the High Court and therefore will no longer be in a position to carry out the role of Chairperson of the CervicalCheck Tribunal. Separately, Mr. Justice Michael Peart who was nominated for appointment as an ordinary member of the Tribunal has informed the Government that he will not be taking up that post.

The CervicalCheck Tribunal Act 2019 requires that the Tribunal shall consist of a chairperson and at least two ordinary members and as such it will not be possible to establish the Tribunal until suitable persons have been identified to take up the posts. Once the Tribunal is established, nominated members will be formally appointed as members of the Tribunal by the Minister for Health. The Minister for Health is engaged in the process of identifying suitable new members for appointment to the Tribunal. Once this process is complete and the nominated chairperson is satisfied to do so, the Tribunal will be established without delay.

The video featuring Ms. Justice Irvine that was posted to the website earlier in the year is still available here. Although some of the content is now out of date much of the information in the video is still relevant.


Request for Observations posted on the 17th April 2020
As previously announced on this website the decision was made to delay the establishment of the CervicalCheck Tribunal due to Covid-19. Given the uncertainty as to how long social distancing and other restrictions may last, I am giving some thought as to how, once established, the Tribunal will be in a position to operate in an efficient manner whilst complying fully with such medical advice and safety precautions as may be in place at any given time.

I would welcome any observations interested parties might wish to provide as to how progress might be made in such circumstances.  For example, it may be that case management and/or directions hearings could be heard remotely. Consideration might also be given to the possibility that some or all aspects of a determination hearing might be held remotely to allow claims to progress.

Such observations should be sent by email to info@cervicalchecktribunal.ie by Friday the 8th of May 2020 at the latest and marked for the attention of the Tribunal Registrar, Ms. Paula Cummins.

–  Ms. Justice Mary Irvine, Chairperson of the CervicalCheck Tribunal


Update on establishment of CervicalCheck Tribunal posted on the 20th March 2020
Given the ongoing and quickly evolving situation in relation to Covid-19 the decision has been made to delay the establishment of the CervicalCheck Tribunal.  This decision has been made in response to both the measures which were announced by the Taoiseach on the 12th March and the understanding that the intended claimants may be considered to be at risk if they were to contract the virus.

The situation will be monitored and further updates in relation to the establishment of the Tribunal will be posted on this website. Any update will also be communicated to the relevant groups through the usual channels. As soon as medical advice recommends that it would be safe and prudent to establish the Tribunal all steps necessary to do so will be taken as expeditiously as possible.